Sunday, March 03, 2013

moving on

Exactly ten years ago i posted on my first blog for the first time. Since that day this blog has changed names and appearances more than once. Since that time i have earned my GED, gone to college, fallen in love, nearly gotten married, broken it off, had multiple jobs, completed a triathlon, and graduated from college. I have read books, lived to the beat of various types of music, and been inspired by quotes both witty and profound. Presidents have been elected and re-elected, shows have been brilliant and ran their course or been brilliant and cancelled, and i have reached my third decade. I am no longer a girl. I am training for my second triathlon and looking for ways to improve my life. So an odd decade has ended, a new one is beginning, and this blog shall be no more after ~750 posts (some entries have been deleted, others never posted).

Assuming that you are still interested in reading about little old can read about my further wanderings at my new blog KristiNike. Thank you for reading.

Friday, March 01, 2013

Tri2 W4D3 and a day of rest

I kicked butt yesterday.  Gone were the twinges and stitches of Mondays run. I finished week 3 of Couch to 5k, i ran my fastest pace of this season, and then i threw it down in the pool, too. There was just something about my run, i pushed myself, and yes i got tired, and yes i had to remind myself to stay on my toes, but at some point it just changed. I got lighter on my feet, i kicked up my heels, and i ran. My new nearly-barefoot form finally clicked. It was completely awesome.

Today i shopped. I bit the bullet and went to Wal-mart. I was looking for a robe or swimsuit coverup to wear in the showers at the gym but didn't really find anything on budget and appropriate. Instead, i bought some new bottles for shampoo and conditioner, two tank tops, and some actual running shorts. I didn't buy as many pairs as i wanted to but i am pretty happy with my purchase. There are still a lot of things that i'm going to need before race day but i was feel pretty wardrobe deficient. All of my shorts from last time i trained for a triathlon were leftovers from high school, if not older. I'm remembering my favorite pair, which i acquired when i was about twelve or thirteen. Two pairs of these very old shorts are still in my possession (one has a bleach stain, i have no idea how that happened).  I have had these shorts for about half my life! So i felt it was time for a bit of an update in wardrobe. And do you know what? I was immediately impressed by the fact that the shorts' hems seem far more inclined to stay down rather than ride up the inside of my thighs like my old ones always want to. I've yet to put them through the paces, of course (that will happen tomorrow), but they feel great, lightweight, just long enough, but also slightly racy. The fabric is so thin and the stripes on the sides are just the slightest bit see-through (i'm going to have to wear appropriate underwear!).  Oh, and my legs look great if i do say so myself. I should have taken photos! Maybe i will.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tri2 W4D1+2

D1 - Yesterday i ran and swam but didn't really feel like it went well. During my warm up i got a tight spot in this area right below my right glute but kind of on the outside. I say below, what i mean to say is that i think it was the lower edge of my glute, but i'm not 100% sure what muscle it was. It didn't feel good and worried me. I tried to stretch it out, but it didn't really give, so i decided to run tentatively. I simultaneously felt like i had started too fast and was going too slowly. I soon had a stitch in my left side that persisted throughout my workout. I ran 21 minutes (per the schedule) and felt like i did horrible only to later find out that it was a better pace than usual. But my swim felt weak, too, and was slightly slow for me (possibly because i did a lot of breaststroke). My shoulders just felt shot and the pain (in my butt/hip) was there my entire run and swim. Later that night my butt was killing me and the pain migrated to my hamstring. Today it seemed fine, merely a little twingy.

D2 - It was snowing this morning when i wanted to ride and i just didn't get it together and go. It's more convenient to go late on Tuesdays because i have my second job and a Bible study (usually Beth Moore).  I decided to try the spinning bikes out with mixed results. I had tried one before that wasn't working as far as cadence and distance. So i switched partway through my warmup to a new bike when it opened up. For the first half of my workout i didn't feel like i was pushing myself hard enough. I was spinning at about 95 rpm, and it wasn't too easy, but i couldn't figure out how to make it harder. I finally figured out that there's a knob that you have to physically turn, but i couldn't seem to get it to work right. The rest of the workout it would feel too easy but during the "climbs" the computer would want me to increase the resistance and spin at 60-80 rpm. I couldn't get it below 80 without the wheel seizing up/nearly stopping and bothering my knees. So for my climbs i had to keep going faster (85 rpm at the lowest) and i kept increasing the tension but it just didn't seem to be working well.  I also discovered that any time i tried to stand up the bike would stop and jolt, spitting one of my feet out of the toe cage. So i sat the entire time but my butt/sit bones were killing me by the end. Then during my cool down i reduced the tension and it got to the point where the bike seemed to be pushing my legs for me. By the time i got off of the dang thing it was very hard to walk slowly. I wanted to run. Save for my sore butt i felt like i could have gone farther, a 35 minute spin, for nearly 13 miles.  I seem to go farther faster on the spinner than on the stationary bike.  Next time i have to bike at the gym i will try one of the new bikes that i hadn't even realized were there until tonight (oops). It looks like they have a video game type experience where you're riding through an artificial environment during your workout. But hopefully it will warm up soon and i will actually be able to ride my own bike outdoors without freezing or being blown over. My baby needs a tune up desperately but i think it will do me good to actually ride a real bike. I finished off tonight's workout by weightlifting with my arms, chest, and back. I didn't have time for anything else and was one of the last people to leave before closing.

Fortunately that pain didn't come back in my glute today on the bike (i think that the stationary bike might be partly to blame for that). I would really be gutted if i hurt my hamstring again. I'm pretty sure i was stretching my glutes and hamstrings out in my sleep last night. Tomorrow i think i'm going to run instead of walking. I feel like i'm not working hard enough (have done the entire time i've been training save for that one 9 mile ride) but am hesitant to increase the intensity my workouts too much. Here's hoping that tomorrow will be even more awesome than today's workout was.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tri2 W3 Complete!

So the internet was down at our house for a few days due to a faulty cord as it turned out. I'm just glad that we didn't have to pay for anything, my aunt used to work for phone companies and had a cord that we could use after she diagnosed the problem (confirming one of my two theories about what was wrong).

W3D3 - I walked first, seriously wanting to run instead, or go running the next day. I was still sore from my ride on Sunday but otherwise felt good.  On Monday's swim i had only swam the crawl (except for my cooldown). On Wednesday's i tried swimming a complete lap without pause or switching stroke for the first time since i've started training again. I did that twice and also swam two laps of crawl 25, breast 25 (without stopping/pausing). My heartrates have been staying in a great zone and my pace is improving.

W3D4 - I did Cto5k W3 for the first time since starting training again. That first three minute interval was brutal! But after the last one i felt like i could keep least another 90s! I don't know about another 3min lol. I lifted weights instead. I should have skipped the legs probably, i was pretty tired by the end of the day (8.5h at work).

W3D5 - It was snowing yesterday, which is why i ran at the gym, but really wasn't that cold. Today was a different story. I got up early enough to ride but was intimidated by the weather--21F and windy--and the fact that i had to work another 8.5h shift. Maybe i should just move my long ride to Sundays? But i went to the gym after work and pushed through the fatigue for a 47 minute "10 mile" stationary bike ride. It wasn't very fun but it wasn't as hard as a real ride in wind and/or snow would have been. Looking forward to next week.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"Gun Control" Insanity

Since i renewed my NRA membership i'm in the loop for receiving news like these bills that recently passed in Colorado's House of Representatives.
House Bill 1224 – Bans magazines with a capacity greater than fifteen rounds. (Passed 34-31)

House Bill 1226 – Repeals current law allowing individuals with a concealed carry permit to carry a firearm for self-defense on a college or university campus. (Passed 34-31)
Are they taking stupid pills? Since the "No Gun Zone"s have proven to be not only ineffective, but disastrous, lets make more gun free zones! I heard on the radio that the shooters at Columbine and VTech used ten round magazines, they simply brought a lot of them and reloaded within seconds. And then someone subbing for Michael Savage tonight pointed out that young women are going to be defenseless on their campuses.

Which struck a chord in me since there were several rapes on my own campus during my education there. I took night classes more than once and found it to be a bit nerve wracking to walk across campus alone after dark. The administration's response to the danger? To install free 911 phone boxes with intercoms/speakers rather than handheld receivers outside a couple of buildings. I remember walking by two of these boxes and wondering how they were helpful at all. It seemed like everyone had a cellphone on campus. If you can't use your cellphone to call 911 how are you going to beat your attacker(s) to the emergency intercom? Not all students on a college campus would be old enough to conceal carry, but there are many older students who are legally able. Why should they empower the rapists and assailants and take away the rights of the law abiding citizen to defend themselves and their fellow students-turned-victims???

ETA: It's confirmed, Salazar is an idiot. He thinks the call boxes and whistles and cops' response time will save you if you're being raped. I don't care if he apologizes for offending, he stands by his opinion, which is inexcusable.

Tri2 W3D2

Today was a little strange because we didn't have Bible study. We watched my sister's basketball game, then had a late dinner. I was starving and ate too much...which left me feeling a little ill while i was lifting weights. I rode the stationary bike at the gym but it wasn't exactly easy. I stayed at a higher than comfortable resistance at the hardest point in my workout. On a real bike i would have downshifted and kept my cadence up even if it meant going slower. My sit bones are slowly recovering but were still pretty sore this morning. Tomorrow's workout will probably seem easy compared to tonight. I really pushed myself on the weights.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Cto5k W2 complete

Today was a little chilly but i pulled on a hoodie and ran farther faster than i had two weeks ago. Not by much...but still. I finished week two. I ran thirty minutes instead of twenty.  Later i went to the gym, swam 200 easily, and came home again. The real issue?  My butt is killing me from yesterday's ride. I have to ride 6 mi. tomorrow?!? Ouch....

The good - Today i paid for my first triathlon of the season and my USAT membership for the year.

The bad - I was so hungry last night around midnight that i kept eating. Today i didn't eat as much but i didn't log anything. It was getting to me. And the stupid scale at the gym says i'm back to 280. I need my own scale. And to be a good girl tomorrow.

Tri2 W2 complete

On Thursday i was asked to stay an extra "hour" at work and ended up working over ten hours. On Friday i worked nine. I had meant to go on my run before work, even got up early, but i ended up helping my mom get her running podcasts squared away on her cellphone's mp3 player and then didn't have time to run and shower. So after work i went to the gym and endured the smell of pizza (my favorite food) while it was permeating the entire building the entire time i was running and lifting weights. I didn't do most of the leg sets but i did all of the arms and did the seated row instead of the lateral pulldown.

On Saturday i finally took my NRA concealed carry class. It took longer than i thought it would...we didn't finish the testing until after 3pm. I thought we would be done shooting by that time. On Thursday night Dad had brought out some of his guns for me to potentially shoot and/or CC. I settled for two 9mms rather than a heavy revolver. I actually got excited about going shooting. Well it turned out that the 9mms kick too much for me and one kept jamming. In fifty rounds i don't think i hit the paper plate more than four times. The cardboard box was so riddled with bullets that i wasn't sure what i was doing wrong...too high, too low? It seemed frustratingly miraculous that i couldn't hit the plate at something like 20 feet. Then i pulled out my Grandad's old 32 and shot it for the first time. I shot 24 rounds and i dare say that at least 20 of them went into that plate. Then they let me borrow a 22 and it felt woefully weak after the glory of that 32 revolver (perhaps i exaggerate a bit, but it felt so natural after the struggle with the 9mms). I was a good shot with the 22, too (maybe not great, but more holes on the target). I had thought i might buy a 22 but it felt too small and inadequate. The 9mms felt a little bulky but are indeed concealable in at least one place on my person. But they're just too powerful for me i'm afraid. I think i'm going to fall back on my HS lab partner's advice and try to find a 38/357 if it isn't too heavy (i think that's what Dad's revolver was). I probably should have gotten advice about what i was doing wrong but i really just wanted to be self sufficient, become more comfortable loading the magazines, etc.

Today i went to church (but not Sunday school) and to my aunt's for Grandma and Grandad's birthday party. The tortilla soup was excellent. Later in the afternoon i went on a 9mi bike ride. I was aiming for 8 but the stupid app was freezing up on me. I wasn't sure of my distance until i got home and verified/corrected it at the MapMyTri website. It irritated me that the app said i had ridden only 6.5 miles when i knew there was no way possible that i hadn't gone farther. Thankfully i had ridden to a specific driveway before turning around (gotta love landmarks that show up on satellite photos). I think i'm going to have to get a bike computer. /: I feel so poor right now.

Tonight i feel very warm because i've been straightening my room. I seem to have misplaced a letter. I hope i find it soon.I'm starving and tired. I'm not too sore but i got a headache while i was riding. I don't know if it was the fact that my helmet is really too tight, the sun was shining in my eyes, or that i was low on fuel 2/3 of my way through and had to pause for an energy gel. Anyways, my head's been twingy since my ride ended and right now i'm waiting for Advil to kick in. Looking forward to my run and swim tomorrow and seeing if i've lost any more weight since Friday (i lost eight pounds this week!!!). I hope the lovely weather stays around.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tri2 W2D3+2

Last night i went to the gym after Bible study and lifted weights in addition to swimming. The scale at the church is apparently not as off as i thought it was: 4-5 pounds over rather than the 7-10 pound range. So it looks like i have only gained two pounds since i started training and i've already lost one pound since then. That's a pretty minor fluctuation for me since i usually gain 5-10 pounds when i start a new training/workout regimen. So my workouts went fine last night, i pushed myself, was exhausted, so i went home and turned out the light at midnight. Which is good since i had work at 8am.

Today i was working in the back. Days in the back are always more strenuous than cashiering so i was pretty tired and pretty hungry. I ate every 2-3 hours and seem to be doing well balancing calories between mini-meals. I got off work a little early, rushed home, and then had issues getting ready for my bike ride and helping my mom get ready for her run. It was a very intense workout. I was aiming for five miles but only made it four (which is actually a mile farther than i wanted to do). I got home and looked at my schedule only to realize that i was supposed to ride six miles. Riding a real bike is much more intense than in the gym! (Duh.) But i think i was just too tired from work to do well. I think i need a new chain (mine rusted over the winter because it was left exposed to the elements. ): I thought it was in the garage all winter, stupid of me to assume) but i did pretty well with my shifting. Right now i really need to eat. HUNGRY.

I'm so glad that tomorrow is a rest day. I'm still going to be on my feet for about eight hours.